General resources

Sources to keep up to date on the field of access to health – with a bias towards developing countries, and/or medical technology.

News & analysis for health, aid, and development

  • Humanosphere blogs and aggregates on the topics of global health and the fight against poverty. You can subscribe to get a daily/weekly update.
  • Kaiser Family Foundation Global Health. You can subscribe to their daily or weekly news aggregate.
  • IRIN news, humanitarian news and analysis for Asia, Africa and the Middle East. For health, you can subscribe to the “Health and Nutrition” and “PlusNews” (HIV/AIDS) sections.
  • UN news. You can subscribe to the “Health, Poverty, Food Security” section.
  • ReliefWeb, humanitarian emergencies and disasters. You can subscribe to get updates on a specific country or emergency. Or to help with the briefing on a country/emergency, it can create a document for you with all news in the past x days. Also includes a jobs section.
  • Global Health Hub, an online aggregator of news, commentary and resources related to global health and development. Also includes a jobs section.

Longer publications & academia

  • Equity, Health and Human Development listserv compiled by PAHO/WHO. You can join here  (which means you will get regular emails featuring new papers, books, resources and conferences on the theme).
  • John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health OpenCourseWare project. Many courses including syllabi and reading recommendations, as well as lecture slides.
  • You can subscribe to a number of different World Bank newsletters.
  • The University of Leiden publishes ‘Africa Studies Abstracts’, a quarterly overview of  journal articles and edited works on Africa in the field of the social sciences and the humanities available in their African Studies Center library. You do have to screen it for specifics on health.
  • Center for Global Development blog on Global Health Policy.

Development and the social sector in general

  • The Guardian’s Global Development page. You can sign up for a fortnightly newsletter.
  • The New York Time’s Fixes opinion column which explores solutions to major social problems. I can’t find a way to get a newsletter or RSS for this one but you can get them on your Facebook feed by liking them.
  • The GiveWell Blog on researching and evaluating charities, newsletter available.
  • and Skoll World Forum for blogs, resources and jobs in social entrepreneurship.


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