Sources on the field of access to medicines – with a bias towards developing countries. (Most collected 2009-2012)

Organisations working on access to medicines research & advocacy

Books, reports and tools on access to medicines (all available online)

Specialised forums

  • E-DRUG aims to support the concept of essential drugs by improving and speeding up communications between all health professionals working in the field of essential drugs. E-DRUG is a forum used by health care professionals, researchers and policy makers to obtain and discuss current information on essential drugs, policy, program activities, education and training. Participation is free, you can join here (see main website for French-speaking, Spanish-speaking and India-focused versions).
  • The  International Association of Public Health Logisticians (IAPHL) is a USAID-funded forum for public health logisticians. Membership is free,  your position and a brief description of why you would like to join the forum are required for registration.

Supply chain & logistics for (medical) aid

Medicines for non-pharmacists

Some other key topics not covered here: human resources, quality assurance, intellectual property, local manufacturing.

For sources related to pharmaceutical social franchising, the economics of retail pharmacies, market-based approaches to health: see ‘Pharmaceutical social franchises’ page.

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