How do I choose which books to read?

My focus on books related to healthcare/ health & society started around 2013. At the time a colleague was changing jobs within Philips, and I was able to pick out her good-bye gift. As we had a shared passion for learning as well as healthcare, her good-bye gift became a small pile of books, which … Continue reading

Book notes: The Healing of America

When we were assigned this book for Global Health Systems, I wasn’t very enthusiastic, and even a little bit annoyed. I thought, “Why do we need to read a book focused on the US for to learn about global health systems?” Then, the teacher explained that the book actually mostly looks at other countries’ health … Continue reading

Book micro-reviews

Here is a copy of the micro-reviews of healthcare-related books that I’ve previously posted on LinkedIn. I added a “readability score”, because people have different preferences 🙂 Even though these are all non-fiction, relatively serious books, many are still accessible and enjoyable reads, but a few of them are heavier. Readability score 1 – 3 … Continue reading

One goal, two approaches: Tay Sachs disease case study

When looking at the interactions between science, medicine, technology, and society, the domain of genetics is an abundantly fertile ground for reflection. In this post I would like to focus on Tay-Sachs Disease screening as a first step into this domain. It is a striking story where genetics meet society and (personal) ethics, which I learned about … Continue reading